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8 Mother's day gift ideas for las Mamás Latinas

Nopalera products mothers day gift idea

Ok first of all Mamis, we know what we want, so let's ensure that we receive something we truly appreciate.

Picking out a gift for oneself can be a form of self-care.


So here is a list of ideas you can forward to your family: 

1. Comfortable yet stylish clothing: 
Every Mama will appreciate clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. We may spend most our days in leggings and biker shorts, but we are no fodongas. Take a look at our special collection called Gifts for Moms. For the coolest caps, t-shirts and hoodies for Latina Mamis. 
2. Beauty and skincare products: 
We love to take care of our skin, we take it seriously and make it part of our daily rituals. Some go a long way as we pass them on to next generations. So we will always appreciate high-quality beauty and skincare products, such as facial masks, lotion, or makeup. Make sure to look for latina owned brands. The one to check out is Nopalera, divino todo.
3. Books or magazines in Spanish:
If the Mom in question speaks Spanish or wants to practice it, books or magazines in her native language can be a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Check out my favorite books at our amazon store front.
4. Kitchen gadgets or cookbooks:
HOLD on here, no you cannot get your Mother any electrodoméstico just because is on sale. If you will go this route you also want to make sure your Madre is on the look for that specific thing, or at least that will make her life easier. Like when I gifted my parents a Shark vacuum for when I visited them with my messy children. They did not know they needed that but now appreciate it and use it a lot. And may be a cookbook that cater to traditional Latin cuisine can be a great gift idea. "Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling" is the latest addition to Bricia Lopez's books.

5. Gift certificates or experiences:
Instead of  just gifting a physical item, consider gifting a certificate or experience, such as a spa day, concert tickets, or a cooking class, that your mom can enjoy and remember for a long time. 

6. Special points for travel tickets.
No need to explain why gifting a trip to the beach or her favorite destination would be the ultimate gift of all. However, amig@ make sure you pay for a flexible flight schedule because you better know this now, we don't really love to be told when and where we are going, we like to be prepared. So, your safe bet is to let het pick or at least make sure you give her some choices on where to go. 
7. A piece of jewelry that she actually will like.
 Let's be honest it is very hard to pick for them. Did you like the jewelry your aunts gifted you when you where a kid? Didn't think so. Well same thing here. So maybe just go with a gift certificate for a super chic store like Agua de Rosas.

8. An amazing handbag
You can't go wrong with an Au Mexique cool handbag. 

    That's it. You may noticed I am NOT including flower arrangements or drawings made of dry soup (yas they are cute) in this list. That is because you should be gifting flowers ALWAYS as an extra complement of the main present, if you want to get it right. That's right, flowers plus a thoughtful gift is the perfect combo for your Latina Mother's day.

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