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Masterclass "Burnout as a reflection" con Eilyn Reyes


Burnout prevention and tools for Mamis and business bosses.

Eilyn Reyes is the founder of Energetic Insights Co, and a Wellness, Mindfulness, and Burnout Coach who uses her Proven Health Method to support her clients and community in ending the burnout pandemic and leading women to live a life of purpose and guilt-free joy.

She is revolutionizing how women look at burnout and creating a transformation that results in financial success, increased energy and productivity, breaking free from ancestral patterns, creating healthy boundaries, and supporting women in becoming fully-embodied, healthy versions of themselves so that the world can become a better place.

Eilyn is a Latina living in Canada for more than 30 years now! 

She is a corporate dropout showing you how to have the courage to heal your burnout. Follow at: @energeticinsightsco

And get ready for a session that will help you heal to start living. 

This session will be mainly in English with some Spanish bits.

Attend this virtual class for FREE by joining our community here or pay separately $25 usd.



WTF is burnout?


A Latina woman is strong, powerful and self-determined to make her home a magical place for her family, but she sacrifices herself repeatedly.

For centuries Latina women have been carrying the burden of doing it all. Burnout has been passed down from generation to generation like a torch symbolizing hard work and strong values. Anything less than hard work is synonymous with laziness, judgment and guilt. After the tremendous change we have experienced, it's time to recognize that drastic changes and cultural shifts need to happen. 

We need a radical disruption in our self-awareness to help us successfully end these generational traumas and ways of living. 


You might not think this could work for you, but that's what one of my clients thought when they came to work with me, they were on the brink of divorce, burnt out and in poor mental and emotional health. 
Now, they are living a meaningful and balanced life. This is what life looks like for them; they are connecting with their spouse, coming home with new intentions all centred around honouring home life and giving it energy and love; it's miles away from the neglected and painful relationship it once was. 
They achieved this by understanding the layers of their burnout psychology and getting to work. Just like you my client really didn’t understand the depth or emotional complexities of burnout- because no-one is talking about it like this. So before we begin, let me tell you what it's not... it's not you sitting at a desk crying into your sleeves.
It's not you screaming in your car..Or having bouts of road rage and screaming at every car before you.
YES, it can look like this.
But more often, it looks like this…
Getting in your car, driving ten minutes to drop your daughter off at school and arriving at her school without having any recollection of the WHOLE ENTIRE DRIVE THERE.
When your husband asks you a question, you give him that look. You know, the one that says don't fuck with me, and he goes in the other room, turns on the TV, and both of you don't talk for the rest of the evening. OR even worse, you follow him and start listing off all of the things you had to do that day while he was clocking into his 9-5.
Staring at the pile of papers on your desk, sighing, and just continuing to walk away.
Many of you are experiencing burnout, but you think it's normal.


This session will open your eyes to this, and if you're deeply feeling it, you'll be ready for a shift.


Workshop Modules:

  1. Signs & Self Inquiry Understand how this impacts your business, stalling your success and keeping you STUCK in this cycle. 
  2. Coping with mental ailments such as depression and anxiety
  3. Creating a happy and safe space at home
  4. Learning how to say “no” without guilt
  5. Tools for breath, yoga and meditation to improve mindset.
  6. Deepen your understanding with coaching, and introduce mentorship options.

    Follow Eilyn Reyes at @energeticinsightsco

    Attend this virtual class for FREE by joining our community here or pay separately $25 usd.

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    OUR online community is LIVE!

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