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You are so badass!

You are so badass!

The minute you became a Mother, you instantly upgraded into a SUPER-HUMAN. No matter what kind of Mama you are. To your children, you are THE MOST BADASS PERSON ALIVE. Let’s keep that in mind.

And if no one has told you today, GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS for all that you do.

Most of the time we let our inner critic do the talking and forget to hear the good stuff.

I invite you to use this monthly email to remind you of how CHINGONA you are. Think of it as your “Just what I needed to read, kind of email”.

Sometimes, the only thing we need is words of encouragement in gigantic letters to send our brains those high vibrations that help us keep on going.

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Latina Retreat Save the Date!

Latina Retreat Save the Date!

Repeat with me: Everything is going to be fine

Repeat with me: Everything is going to be fine


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