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Repeat with me: Everything is going to be fine

Repeat with me: Everything is going to be fine

 Amiga let’s switch off negative thoughts like:


- This is F*ing tough. Esto esta MUY cañón, cabrón, canijo.


To be honest, those comes to my mind quite VERY often, but I am done.


This year I am committed to cheer at myself like Jamie Lee Curtis did to her friend.


Chica this sh*t is tough, but you are tougher!!! 


Estas muy cañona, no dejes que nada te apague!


So, whatever hardship presents to you, remember that it will go away,


or won’t be the same in about 1 month or so. Because nothing stays the same.


The only real constant is change. Todo es pasajero.


So CHILL MAMA todo va a estar bien,


Ultimately everything will be fine, you got this!



Join me in starting the year with this open-to-receive mindset:


✨ 2023 MANTRAS✨

I am ready to receive.


I will get the support I need


I will have more ME time


I will ignore Mom guilt


I am an amazing Mama


I can create my own world


I am not falling behind, I am on my own path


I deseve to thrive professionally


I will spend more time with my girlfriends


I will laugh more, hug more, dance more


I will grow

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You are so badass!

You are so badass!

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