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You'll Come Back to Yourself

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Volverás a ti.

A message from the future, from your future self.


The other day I found myself saying these exact words out loud: Poco a poco vuelvo a mí. Little by little, I am starting to feel how I come back to myself, to my center, to be me.

If you are feeling a little bit lost, just trust your intuition and never stop believing in your dreams, and in your very unique gifts.

I also read a bit of a book called Get over, "I got it” by Elayne Fluker, where she basically gives us, women, permission to NOT have it all together. Let me rephrase that:

We do not need to have it all figured out.

Motherhood inevitably demands SO MUCH from us, es una entrega TOTAL. But there will come a time to give some of that back to ourselves. And please, please do not wait until you are 60-something.

Because martyr Mothering is soooo last generation.

As Julissa Calderón said:

“Our parents were the generation of surviving. We are the generation of thriving”.

So yeah the identity crisis is so REAL. All of a sudden we are officially grown-ups missing our “old life”.

Well, guess what? That old life will never be back, but you will!

You will find you again, and in a much better badass version of yourself!

- Mar Reyes

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Repeat with me: Everything is going to be fine

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